Erin Nicole (adaorardour) wrote,
Erin Nicole

Hello, again.

Life is dizzy, dizzy, dizzy and I can't take all of it at once. It makes you drunk and sleepy and overwhelmed with the purple-blue-green-gold intensity. It is measured out with coffee spoons and frozen eyes and soupy milky melted ice cream collecting in the bottom of your bowl. Who are you? Who am I? Why are we different and are we really so different?

Love will find us all and love is beyond escape. Love will creep up behind us and stab us in the back and cover us all in the warmth of it. Love will find us sitting on swing sets, on picnic tables, in dingy storage rooms, and cold cars. Love is little boys smiling through their tears. Love is a piecing pain through the heart and eyes.

Drip-drip-drop. What is dripping? Red wine from a broken glass? Water from a broken sink? Why is it broken and how do we fix it? You are deathly beautiful and you bring the rain. Why do you bring the rain? We arch our backs and we cry for the love of you. Oh, darling, you are the deepest dancing, loveliest silverprettyone. Don't lose us, little one. Why are you drip-drip-dropping? The rain is falling and you are the silver silver silver one for us.

We shall wait for you until human voices wake and we drown.
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