Erin Nicole (adaorardour) wrote,
Erin Nicole

Warm-Up: Jane Eyre

I’ve an odd feeling about us, you said once as we sat against the chestnut tree, the thick leaves protecting us from the bright summer sun. Especially when we’re together, especially now.

I turned my head toward his voice, my eyes still closed. What’s that?

Well, you started slowly, its like we’ve got a string tying us together. It’s knotted on my ribs, just between my heart and lungs and somehow I feel its knotted to a similar place on you. And if something should come between us, some miles and miles and miles, our string would snap. You laughed nervously. And then, I have an awful fear that I should take to bleeding inwardly...yet you’d go on, right as rain.

I laughed lazily. You think me utterly heartless, don’t you? I played, afraid of the intensity in your voice. You kicked my leg and laughed.
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